Welcome to COECSA Conference Proceedings

The COECSA scientific Congress proceedings repository is an online open access repository of posters and papers that are presented at the COECSA Annual scientific Congress. The COECSA Annual Scientific Congress is the premier congregation of Ophthalmologists and allied workers in Sub-Saharan Africa, with quality academic presentations and lectures by internationally renowned keynote speakers. Each year, the congress is held in different countries within East Central and Southern Africa.

COECSA's mandate is to contribute to Human Resources for Health (HRH) through quality training in ophthalmology; set standards for professional ophthalmic practice; facilitate continuous professional development; and, promote research which advances ophthalmology in the region.

The abstracts are presented to the congress scientific committee which vets them for quality and alignment to the congress theme. By submitting their abstracts to the congress, the authors give permission for their work to be made available on this repository.

Conference Paper Archive by Year (Papers are available after the Conference.)